Introduction to Jewellery Making

In this Introduction to Jewellery Making Class you will be introduced to the various mediums of jewellery making. You will learn how to make 3 pairs of earrings and a bracelet or necklace. You will learn the difference between home made looking jewellery and jewellery that is “Artisan craftmanship”.

For those who have tried jewellery making before and want to improve their skills, this is the class to come to as our expert jewellery teachers will check your work and help you individually.

You will be making three pairs of earrings with one of them being one pair of crystal earrings. You will also have the option to make more earrings and choose your own colours and design. Do you know what makes good jewellery design? What makes a pair of earring elegant, timeless and desired?

Do you know what makes jewellery ugly, tacky and unwanted? Come to our class and we will teach you this very important lesson. We are a jewellery retailer to begin with and we know what constitutes popular and highly sellable design and what would make poor sales.

Minxy’s Jewellery is not just another “beading class”. We are about making good retail grade jewellery and we emphasize good technique Without good technique you will just end up making ugly beads on a string that looks home made and nobody wants to wear.

Here is a sample of some of the earrings that our teachers who are actual jewellery designers have taught our students to make. You will notice that they are retail grade style jewellery. Meaning a designer put thought into these pieces and these are earrings that women would actually want to pay money to buy them and wear them!!

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Here are some sample photos of the necklaces we have taught in our classes in the past. You will notice that we also teach our students how to make matching earring and necklace sets. As we are professional jewellery retailers to begin who make these lines commercially, in some of our classes we also offer semi-precious stones (at a discounted price) for our students to use and thus our students are able to make high quality jewellery with the “Wow” factor.

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When you come to our Introduction to Jewellery Making and Design Class, you will be able to take home 3 pairs of beautiful earrings you have made yourself plus a necklace or bracelet!! You have the option of making extra pairs for your friends and family.

Book in a class today and have fun while you learn. All earring making materials are silver or gold plated with option for real 925 silver upgrades. Drinks and snacks will be provided on the day.

Class Fees

Class fees are based on the number of students in the class. We now hold small private classes from 1 to 7 people maximum.

Fees for a 1-2-1 class is £129

For 2 students, it is £100 per student

For 3 students, it is £90 per student

For 4 or more students, it is £80 per student

Book your class today! Call 0208 123 9800 now
or Text 07842 919878




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  1. Wow! This is way better than the other jewellery making classes I went to. It looks like you guys actually use quality materials and you teach your students how to make things that are commercially fashionable.

    It’s jewellery that I would actually want to wear!!

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