Jewellery Photography £198

In this class, students will learn how to take photographs of different types of jewellery on different mediums and different types of backgrounds.

You will learn how to take photographs of:

  • Fashion jewellery, crystals, silver and gold jewellery. How to show case your jewellery pieces.
  • How to set up your lights
  • The difference in single lighting vs multiple lights.
  • How to use a light box.
  • How to photography jewellery on a white background fit for Amazon standards.
  • How to photograph jewellery on a model.
  • How to use photoshop or pixlr to make your photos look perfect.
  • We will answer your questions such as “Why do my photos always look so dark? and “Why do my photos look so yellow tinted?”
  • Why and how it is always easier to learn how to use a camera to photograph your jewellery than anything else.

What to bring?

Bring your DSLR camera and camera manual. You can also bring your jewellery you want photographed. The class will be taught by our expert jewellery photographers.

This will be a full day course from 1030am to 5pm with a short lunch break. You can bring your own lunch. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Please call for class schedule 0208 123 9800. Classes are taught all year round.

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